Damaged, broken or faulty plumbing can cause big headaches and lead to expensive repairs. Persistent water leaks may even contribute to the growth of hazardous mold in your walls. Some common problems with plumbing are relatively easy to avoid if you follow a few basic tips. Here are four major problems you may experience with your plumbing in Marietta, Georgia, and how to avoid or resolve them.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can occur inside or outside your home. They may be very severe, as in the case of a broken pipe which can quickly flood your home or yard. However, some leaks are smaller and easier to miss. A leak inside your wall can cause structural damage and cause the growth of mildew or black mold without you even noticing until it’s a really major issue. To prevent water leaks, ensure that you always have your pipes and plumbing in Marietta, Georgia, properly installed by a professional. Watch out for signs of water leaks. These signs may include discolored walls, unexplained dampness, or puddles of water on the floor.

Drain Clogs

There are many things that may lead to clogged drains in your toilet, sink or bathtub. Some of these causes are difficult to avoid, but there are a few steps you can take to help prevent clogs. Be careful what you flush down the toilet. Never pour grease down a drain, even in the kitchen sink. Regularly clean hair traps in bathtubs and shower drains. If your clogs are persistent or cannot be resolved with a plunger, call a professional plumber to evaluate the situation.

Winter Damage

Winter can be incredibly hard on a plumbing system. When the temperature drops, there is a high risk of pipe breakage. In order to avoid costly plumbing damage from frigid temperatures, ensure that your home is fully winterized before the first cold snap. A professional plumber can evaluate your house and take steps to prevent cold weather from harming your plumbing.

Protecting Your Home

Plumbing problems can start out small and become extensive. To prevent costly repairs, you should perform basic maintenance on your plumbing in Marietta, Georgia, and always call a professional if you see signs of damage. Visit the website for more information.