The septic system is a reliable alternative to municipal sewage treatment that is commonly used in rural areas and environments where treatment plants are not readily available. The system works by breaking down solid waste and gradually filtering out the effluent (waste water) so it can be percolated through the soil and back into the local water table. The best way to ensure this system functions properly is with superior Septic System Maintenance in Middletown NJ.

For instance, the tank needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate excess solid waste. Effluent distribution is handled in a couple of ways, and this often depends on the quality of the soil and local regulations. The first method employs a series of leach lines that spread the liquid around the property. The pipes are perforated and placed, so the liquid is slowly distributed. Plus, they rest over a layer of gravel to allow room for the liquid to drain. The alternative to leach lines is an aerated system that distributes the effluent by spraying it over the lawn. This actually provides a more even distribution, and aeration systems tend to make the water cleaner.

One concern with septic systems is a full storage tank. The average tank can go for one or two years without the need for vacuum cleaning, depending on usage. However, allowing the unit to operate for longer could result in an overflow. This issue could require some additional repairs such as flushing out any leach lines or water-jetting the input pipes. Septic System Maintenance in Middletown NJ can avoid this issue by keeping the waste removed and verifying the function of aerating systems if they exist. In fact, the aerated septic system requires more maintenance than the older model to ensure that everything operates as required. Poor maintenance could result in a burned out aerator and a non-functional system.

Unfortunately, many people forget about the septic tank until a problem occurs. This is mainly because the system is extremely reliable. Indications of a failing septic system include waste backup into a tub or shower or effluent overflow onto the lawn. Sadly, this is the point where expensive repairs are required because the pipes may need thorough cleaning. This happens because the solid waste flows into the inlet line and any attached leach lines. Find more information about septic systems and maintenance on the website.