A Plumber in Ferndale WA Can Remodel a Tiny Bathroom for Better Comfort

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Plumbing

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A Plumber in Ferndale WA sometimes is called upon to perform a challenging task in regard to bathroom remodeling. A very small bathroom may be unsatisfactory for the homeowners, yet they have no way to enlarge the room. Certain plumbing techniques and designs may be able to make the room more functional.

A tiny bathroom can feel crowded and uncomfortable if it was not furnished effectively. The original fixtures may be too large for the available space and people may get irritated practically every time they use the room. If this is a second bathroom, it’s certainly better than nothing, but guests are likely to avoid using it. Everyone in the family will prefer the larger one, and that can be inconvenient if it’s the master bath off the parents’ bedroom.

As long as there is a bathtub and shower elsewhere in the home, the second bathroom may not need either of these features. It can become less cramped by having plumbers from a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal turn it into a half bath. If there are enough residents in the home that a second shower seems essential, a single-stall shower in a corner can still leave enough space for a toilet fixture and a sink without countertops or cabinetry. Another option would be a small cabinet under the sink or over the toilet tank. A plumber in Ferndale WA can complete the entire renovation of a bathroom that involves tearing out old fixtures and installing new ones.

Sinks can be purchased that are smaller than the norm, and these fixtures may provide all that’s needed for hand washing after using the commode. A lever tap for the faucet uses less room than two-handle models. Wall-mounted faucets also are available to allow for a larger sink. This equipment is relatively uncommon and can provide a point of interest for guests using the room. To provide even more space, the homeowners can have a soap dispenser installed on the wall instead of having a sink with flat surfaces on either side. Get more information about one particular plumbing contractor online and get started on that bathroom remodeling project.

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