5 Things to Know Before You Call an AC Technician

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Maintenance ensures your AC continues to work hitch-free. It also keeps your unit running for that much longer. Here’s a mini-checklist of things you’ll want to remember to prepare for a service call from an air conditioner technician in Warminster PA.

Know the dates
You’ll want to replace your filters every 30 days, says Consumer Affairs. Mark those dates in your calendar. Dust and dirt clog up your filters so it’s better to get those filters cleaned regularly or tossed over for new ones. You can easily learn how to do this on your own. But calling in a pro saves you time and hassle from doing so.

Prepare the site
Clear any clutter or furniture from the area. Give the technician room to work. When the contractor gets there, s/he could get started in an instant. If you don’t prepare the site, you’ll end up wasting precious time while you get things out of the way.

Expect a mess
Many technicians spread out their tools, take out parts and end up with grime and grease on the floor. That’s normal. And they’ll take care of the mess at the end of the job. Don’t be horrified by the mess. Once they finish the job, they’ll clean that up as well. For now, let the technician work.

Don’t rush
Depending on the severity of the problem, an air conditioner technician in Warminster PA could take about as long as a day or two, longer if the parts aren’t ready. That means you’ll need to wait it out. Tip: Pick service companies that stock their own parts. That way, they’re more likely to get those repairs done in no time.

Keep your condenser coils clean
Trim and keep plants and foliage away from your condenser unit outside. That should keep airflow at an optimum. It also makes it easy for your technician to check for issues and problems.

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