When a drain, toilet, or shower starts backing up, most homeowners reach for the plunger. After doing this too many times without satisfactory results, they buy a commercial drain cleaner. Unfortunately, drain cleaners just push the clogging material further down the line. They also eat through your pipes, leaving you in need of a plumber in Charleston, SC. Here are three reasons to hire professionals.

  • Slow Draining

Homeowners who use commercial drain cleaners push the clog further down the line. What they don’t know is that materials catch on that clog. Soap scum, grease, hair, and food particles make the clog grow. This backs up all the drains in the house. Professionals will insert a camera into the pipes to find the clog. Then they’ll either snake it out or hydro-jet it (blasting high-pressure water at the clog).

  • Unpleasant Odors

In addition to the hair, grease, and soap scum clogging your pipes, cleaning products and other chemicals get washed down the drain. Added to these are the natural byproducts like off-gassing of materials in the pipes. This leaves the drains smelling awful. It could even be dangerous. Call a professional plumber in Charleston, SC, to remove any odours.

  • Gurgling Noises

When a drain makes sounds like someone’s gargling, then it’s time to call in the experts. It means that clogging materials, dirt, and grime are preventing air bubbles from reaching the vent pipe. The result is that drains, tubs, and sometimes even the toilet gurgles. The professionals will come in and remove the clog, allowing the air bubbles to be vented.

Repairing plumbing problems aren’t for the do-it-yourselfer. He won’t have the proper tools with which to correct the situation. Call Smoakā€™s Comfort Control for your plumbing problems.