Water lines receive their fair share of wear and tear as the years go on. Homeowners who live in older homes might need a water line upgrade in Park Ridge to protect their homes from water damage. Here are signs that it’s time to call a plumber today.

  1. Water Is Discolored

Water discoloration isn’t normal. When brown or black water comes from the taps, this is a sign of corrosion inside the pipes. The only times discolored water isn’t a serious problem is if one receives their water from a well or the home is in an area under a boil order. If either of these situations doesn’t apply, call a plumber right away.

  1. Older Pipe Material

Today’s properties have water lines constructed from brass, copper, or PVC. Yet, there are plenty of homes in the region that have cast-iron or galvanized piping. Some might have lead piping. If one has lead piping, it’s imperative that the piping is replaced ASAP. Lead is toxic and unsafe even in small quantities.

  1. Water Pressure Is Low

Low water pressure is another sign of a problem. When a pipe breaks, water pressure immediately drops. Yet, other problems within pipes contribute to low water pressure too. Corroded pipes make it harder for water to pass through and pinhole leaks cause water pressure issues. Contact a plumber to investigate the problem and make repairs right away.

Upgrading water pipes is a great investment in one’s home. To discuss water line upgrade in Park Ridge, IL, check out North Coast Sewer and Drainage online at https://northcoastplumbing.us.