A furnace is designed to keep the wrath of cold weather outside by maintaining a constant temperature inside, and while most systems provide years of reliable operation, there may be times when issues arise that require inspection by a certified technician. Regular maintenance is key to keeping a furnace operational, but even that isn’t a guarantee that malfunctions won’t occur. If the following issues are noticed it is imperative to contact a company that provides Heating Service in Mount Vernon WA so that it is repaired as promptly as possible.

Unusual Odors

The air that comes from the ductwork in a house should not have any unusual odors, but if a smell that resembles burning rubber or fuel is detected, be sure to turn the unit off immediately. It could be something as simple as a worn fan belt, or a more severe issue related to the exhaust system that prevents dangerous fumes from being emitted outside. A technician will be able to determine the exact cause of the problem and replace any malfunctioning parts to restore safe operation.

Constant Operation

In normal conditions, a heater is designed to kick on and off, as the thermostat signals the device to run when the interior temperature drops below a preset level. If a homeowner notices that a furnace runs non-stop and that it is struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature, it could be due to a variety of issues. A company that provides Heating Service in Mount Vernon WA will have advanced diagnostic equipment that will make locating the problem quick and easy.

Uncommon Sounds

When an HVAC system is operating the only sound that most people hear is that of the air moving through the ductwork. If loud cranking or whining sounds develop, it is best to cease operation until it is examined by a professional. While it could be due to a faulty circulation fan, it may also be caused by a malfunctioning exhaust system and lead to safety issues.

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