Springtime Leak Detection in Jackson, MS

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Plumbing

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With the weather improving and the temperatures rising, families are starting to spend more time outside. The weekends are a great time for the kids to play around in the backyard with a hose or for mom and dad to wash the car in the front driveway. There are even plants and flowers that are going to need a little more water as summer is right around the corner. This is the perfect time for leak detection in Jackson MS. Don’t waste precious drops of water that could be creating a costly water bill each month.

Homeowner Leak Detection

There are steps that homeowners can take to check for leaks throughout the house. Check the faucets and shower heads to see if water is still escaping, even when the dial is turned off. Also, take a closer look at the toilet. When it comes to Leak Detection in Jackson Ms, this is the place that many homeowners hit the jackpot. By lifting the lid of the tank, sometimes it is possible to hear a hissing noise that signifies a leak. Another effective method involves adding food coloring to the water in the tank. Keep a close eye on the water in the bowl to see if there is any change in color. If there is, the toilet has a leak that needs to be addressed.

Professional Leak Detection

While homeowners can often handle the leaks inside the home, it often takes a professional to find leaks in the pipes leading up to the house. It can be more complicated to check for leaks here because it often requires turning off the water to the home to check and see if the meter is still running. For individuals that aren’t interested in changing or adjusting the flow of water into the home, this is the perfect time to bring in a professional to take a closer look.

Sometimes homeowners suspect that they have a leak because of an increase in their water bill. This leads to the leak detection process. However, even without an increase in cost for water, regular checks for leaks can catch a problem before it becomes an expensive issue. Contact Draingo Plumbing to learn more about leak detection.

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