Pipelines in a home will run throughout the dwelling and beneath the building to provide a way for water to flow in and out of the home. It depends on where a leak forms in the pipes on what they are called. While a leak in a pipe inside the home is called a pinhole, a slab leak occurs beneath the concrete flooring of the building. Slab leaks are a bit more complicated to repair and require a company that has experience in fixing these types of leaks. Since they are underneath a concrete slab, they can be harder to find and difficult to reach to be repaired. That is why it is important to call in a professional, who is familiar with repairing slab leaks in Phoenix, AZ area.

Signs Your Home Can have a Slab Leak

*You notice the growth of mold on your walls from where the water seeped from the flooring to be absorbed into the walls.
*There can be damage to the yard such as flooding or grass with mushy patches. Your landscaping can be damaged from the constant flooding the broken pipe causes.
*There can be damage to the foundation of the home, a slab leak can cause cracks or shifts in the foundation that can damage other areas of the building.
*Slab leaks in Phoenix, AZ can leave a musty, moldy smell from the flooring or carpeting getting wet.
*Floors will begin to warp and carpeting can be soaked or damp due to the water leaking from the pipes below.

Do Not Risk the Integrity of Your Home! Call a Professional Today to Check for a Leak

If you suspect a leak in the piping below the flooring of your home, you want to immediately call a professional to inspect the lines. When you neglect to tend to the problem, you are risking the chance of more damage being caused that can jeopardize the safety of your home. Custom Cooling and Plumbing provides the services and knowledgeable staff you require to help track down the problem. So, they can quickly fix the issue before it becomes a major problem.