Unless a home is relatively new, the plumbing may be outdated. Over the years, pipes can become corroded and rusted, eventually falling into disrepair. However, it’s not necessary to live with the fear of damaging leaks and other issues. Before disaster strikes, homeowners should look for these signs of the need for Plumbing Installation in Ft Washington MD.

Discolored Water

Water discoloration is a big concern unless a person lives in a rural area, has a well, or is under a “boil water” order. Dark and discolored water is usually the result of pipe corrosion, which leaves rust in the water as it runs through. If the problem is left unaddressed, mineral buildup can cause a pressure increase that may lead to a burst pipe. Corroded and rusted pipes should be replaced as soon as possible.

Pipe Construction

Depending on the time in which the home was built, various materials may have been used in the plumbing system. Modern systems usually use PVC, copper, or brass pipes, but older homes may have piping made of galvanized steel, cast iron, or even lead. All plumbing materials have a finite lifespan, with some lasting longer than others. In new construction, pipe deterioration isn’t a major issue, but those living in older homes should consider having their pipes tested and potentially replaced.

Diminished Water Pressure

When there’s low water pressure, it may be hard to diagnose the problem. Pressure issues are sometimes caused by pipe clogs, pinholes, or bigger leaks. A pipe leak may damage the home’s framing and foundation, causing mold growth and wood rot that negatively affects indoor air quality. While some problems can be resolved with DIY methods, most pressure issues should be addressed by a plumbing professional.

Look at Exposed Pipes

If the house is more than 60 years old, there may be exposed piping somewhere within. In most cases, pipes run through the home’s basement, and looking at them can give clues as to the condition of the rest of the plumbing system. Before Plumbing Installation in Ft Washington MD, a plumber will check these pipes for flaking, dimpling, discoloration, and other abnormalities.

When left untreated, pipe problems may cause serious damage to the rest of the home. Don’t wait until it’s too late; make repairs and replacements now. Call the pros or visit us online to schedule service.