When a person goes to choose a Plumbing Contractor in Pittsburg KS, he or she often forgets to ask one important question. Does the contractor bill at a flat rate or does he or she charge according to the time spent on the job and the material used? Furthermore, it needs to be determined if a service call rate will be charged, as it may not be included in the price of the repair. What is the difference between flat rate pricing and time/material based pricing? What does the consumer need to know?

Flat Rate Pricing

When a plumber charges a flat rate, he or she comes to the home to provide a quote. The quote includes the cost of the service call, the contractor’s labor rate, the cost of any materials needed to complete the job, overhead, and more. Regardless of how long the job takes or what the plumber encounters during the project, the price quoted will stay the same. Many homeowners prefer this option as they know how much they will pay before the work begins. However, the cost may be slightly higher as a result, as the contractor has to ensure anything unexpected that comes up doesn’t have a negative impact on their business and bottom line.

Time/Material Pricing

When this method is used, the homeowner only pays the plumber for any time spent completing the repair and any materials actually used. The contractor may be able to provide a general estimate up front, but the homeowner needs to understand this figure could change if problems arise during the repair. This type of pricing tends to be cheaper because the plumber may not need as much time to complete the work or fewer materials may be needed as the damage isn’t as extensive as expected.

Don’t wait until a repair is needed to choose a Plumbing Contractor in Pittsburg KS. Spend time researching providers before any work needs to be done. This helps to ensure the right company is selected. In the event of an emergency, contact several plumbers. As for their flat rate price on the work to be done. Call around and compare this price with others while waiting for the contractor to arrive. This likewise helps to ensure the price is fair. Contact CDL (Cdl-electric.com) for more information about the pricing options available today.

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