When you need sewer repairs, all you can picture is major chaos. You imagine your lawn looking like the moles have been hard at work, digging up the lawn to get down to your sewer lines. You don’t see any other solution. The only way to get to your pipes is to excavate. Before you choose to go the traditional route for any type of pipe repair, try another approach. Trenchless sewer repair in Breckenridge, CO, can make sure your repair job stays underground instead of bringing everything up to the surface.

Don’t Make a Mess Out of Your Lawn

Don’t be too hasty when you need to do a sewer repair job. Your professional for trenchless sewer repair in Breckenridge, CO, can give you a more precise and efficient option. They have the right kind of equipment to dig a hole that will enable them to get a view of what has happened to your sewer system. The way they’ll get a look is through a camera. Think of it like those probes you see that are sent down deep in the ocean. Your trenchless repair professionals will attach a camera to a line in order to send it into your sewer line. When they have seen the damage, they’ll lay out your options.

Find out if Your Line Can be Repaired or if You Need More

Your trenchless repair crew is going to look for the least extensive solution first. If they can seal leaks or take care of a break by lining the pipe, that will be their first choice. They can put new lines in when the damage is too significant to save your old lines. Once they are done, they’ll seal the hole they made. You’ll have lines that work. Best of all, you won’t need a landscape crew to fix your lawn.