Dealing With Leaking Water Heaters In San Diego

by | May 24, 2016 | Plumbing

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A hot water heater is an appliance most people don’t think about unless it’s not working. Turn on the shower and only feel cold water and one will most definitely think of the hot water heater then, but unless it malfunctions, it’s usually ignored. Another reason the hot water heater may be noticed is because it’s leaking. A leak in a hot water heater can be a minor drip or a large gush, depending on what the problem is and where the leak is located. No matter what the reason, if the unit is leaking, it’s usually recommended to call a plumbing company that deals with Water Heaters in San Diego. The plumber can determine what the problem is and if the unit can be repaired or if it must be replaced. If the hot water heater is in the garage or basement, where it is seen on a daily basis, a leak is usually noticed right away. Unfortunately, in some homes the hot water heater is located behind a closet panel or another out of the way spot and a minor leak may go on unnoticed for days.

When inspecting the hot water heater, the plumber will determine where the leak originates. If the leak stems from the top of the heater, around a fitting, the fitting may be just loose. Tighten the fitting back down and the problem will be solved. If the fitting has corroded, it will need to be replaced, but again, that is a simple repair. If the leak is coming from the bottom of the hot water heater tank, or the tank is showing signs of corrosion, the plumber will recommend that the unit be replaced. Plumbers suggest that the hot water heater tanks be drained at least annually, removing the sediment that can cause corrosion to occur. Visit website for more details.

Plumbing companies, such as Workright Plumbing, understand how important hot water is in daily life. When an issue with hot Water Heaters in San Diego occurs, they’ll work hard to either repair or replace the unit as quickly as possible to get the hot water flowing again.

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