One of the problems in a household that people try to avoid is plumbing. Plumbing is the one issue that people hope they don’t have because it can be very expensive. For this reason, minor plumbing problems like a slow leak can be easily repaired with the changing of a washer, for example. Problems with a toilet that won’t flush might be serviceable with a little plunger work. However, there are many issues which calls for a professional plumber. There is a plumbing contractor that does Plumbing Repair in Cincinnati OH. These are some common problems that plumbers have to tackle.

• Customers sometimes have problems with low water pressure. Although the problem could stem from the municipal water supply, a lot of times it is a build up of sediments or mineral deposits in the faucet aerators. There could also be a leak in the pipes leading into the home.

• Drains that are slow and completely stopped up may not respond to drain cleaners or plunging. It could be as complex as a sewer line stopped up all the way to a clean out pipe. The plumber may have to go to the home, or to the clean out on the outside of the house.

• Another common issue is with water heaters. Most times when the water heater begins giving customers problems, it may be time to replace the water heater. There are times, however, when the water tank simply needs to be cleaned out because of the deposits that have settled in the bottom of the tank.

• Those customers who have any issues with septic tanks will also require the professional services of a plumbing contractor.

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