If a homeowner has the chance to connect to the city’s sewer system, they may wonder whether abandoning their septic tank is a wise decision. While the choice lies largely with the homeowner, a few considerations generally apply.

Liability Issues

While abandonment is an option in some cases, there’s the potential for serious liability issues. An unused septic tank can create a sinkhole, which can injure someone or cause property damage. There have been cases where a child has drowned after falling into an abandoned septic tank. Regardless of local law, homeowners should have the tank filled with sand and permanently covered.

Septic System Condition

While a septic system is in good shape, abandonment may not be in a homeowner’s best interests. While a new septic system installation in Bellingham, WA may make sense if the old one is prone to backing up, a properly maintained system can last for a decade or more. Abandonment can be costly, and the homeowner will have to pay for a connection to the city’s sewer system. When a septic system malfunctions, one may find that the expense of abandonment and sewer connection is higher than that of a new septic system installation in Bellingham WA.

The Leach Field

The way a septic system’s leach field is handled after abandonment depends mostly on the system’s design. In most instances, the homeowner will just leave it alone for a few years, and the soil will return to its normal composition. In other cases, though, the entire drainage system may be removed so the property can be used for other purposes. Be sure to review local laws on septic tank leach fields, as the cost of dismantling it could make septic tank abandonment financially impractical.

Septic systems are designed to provide years of hassle-free usage, as long as they are correctly maintained. Despite their usefulness, there are cases where a homeowner may want to abandon a septic tank. By considering liability issues, assessing the system’s condition and correctly handling the leach field, one can greatly simplify the septic tank abandonment process.

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