Your septic tank is an important part of your home or business, but it’s often forgotten when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Many people never call a plumbing contractor in Marietta, GA about their septic tank until the problem is serious. However, knowing how to detect the symptoms of a septic tank problem will help you know when you need to call a professional before the problem becomes too expensive.

1. Your Plunger Isn’t Doing the Job

Everyone’s toilet backs up sometimes, but if yours is doing it regularly, you may want to investigate further. A toilet that flushes slowly or won’t flush at all and isn’t fixed with a plunger may indicate a problem with your septic tank. The tank may be full, or the system may have a clog somewhere deep in the line.

2. The Grass Is Greener on Your Side

You’ve surely heard the grass is greener on the other side, so you may be excited if your own grass is suddenly looking lusher. However, greener grass could be a septic problem waiting to happen. If one spot grows faster or brighter than anywhere else on your property, it’s probably getting extra fertilizer from beneath the ground. Enjoy the lawn but call a plumbing contractor to check things out, too.

3. You Hear Strange Sounds in the Night

Could your kitchen or bathroom double as a haunted attraction every time you run the water? Don’t start charging admission just yet. The gurgling pipes are likely an indication of septic tank problems. It may be full or it may be a bigger problem. Either way, put away the Halloween decorations and call your plumber.

4. You Keep Catching a Whiff of Sulfur

If you keep smelling sulfur — even just momentarily — when you’re outside, it may mean there’s a problem with the tank. This is especially true if the smell is stronger in one area of the yard than the others.

If you have experienced any of the above problems, now is the time to call a plumbing contractor in Marietta, GA to help you fix it.